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Lab trip to 23 & me

We took a trip down to visit 23 & me’s research group. Graham gave a talk on Alisa and Gideon’s work. Thanks to Kasia Bryc for the invitation. Vince, Graham, Gideon, Alisa, Kristin, Chenling and Ivan (Simon and Jeremy not … Continue reading

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Coop lab pics

Pic of Coop lab 2014 (minus Chenling) We’re trying (and likely failing) to make a normal distribution. Coop Lab Holiday dinner

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A fond farewell to Yaniv!

The awesome Yaniv Brandvain has flown the Coop lab, and starts his evolutionary plant genomics lab at the University of Minnesota today. It’s been wonderful having Yaniv as a member of the Coop lab. Yaniv brought a wonderful sense of … Continue reading

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The blossoming of Capsella rubella.

Yaniv’s Capsella article is the cover image of PLOS genetics Image Credit: Kim Steige Flowers of the selfing plant species, C. rubella. In this issue, Brandvain et al. identify blocks of ancestry inherited from the founders of this recently derived … Continue reading

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SMBE2013 Chicago

We (Kristin, Yaniv, Jeremy, and I) had a great time at SMBE. Our talks went well, we’ll likely post some slides shortly. It was great to catch up with so many folks and catch up with Chicago life. We hung … Continue reading

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Evolution Meeting 2013

We are heading off shortly to the Evolution 2013 meeting, and taking a bit of a road trip to get up there (via camping in Great Basin National park, and a few other sights). Hope to see you there. Come … Continue reading

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Hardy-Weinberg and Ask Science

Jeremy (one of the students in the lab) acts as a moderator at the Ask Science reddit, helping answer questions on evolution, genetics, and genomics. I thought I’d post a link to a nice response of his to the question: … Continue reading

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