Graham Coop

Email: gmcoop ucdavis edu

I was a post-doc in the group of Jonathan
Pritchard in the Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago, while there I also work closely with Molly Przeworski. Before that I was a PhD student with Bob Griffiths in the mathematical genetics group in Statistics Department at Oxford. I’m now a professor in the Department of Evolution and Ecology at UC Davis. CV_2015

Jeff Groh

jeff_grohJeff joined as a PhD student in 2019. He works on developing techniques to study speciation and hybridization by categorizing the genomic scales of variation in ancestry statistics. Prior to joining the lab he was a trainee at University of Queensland in the lab of Dr. Ortiz-Barrientos.

Pavitra Muralidhar

pavitraPavitra is a CPB postdoc working on the role of sex chromosomes in sexual conflict, using quantitative genetic theory, population genomics in humans, and comparative phylogenetics in amphibians. Before joining the lab, she was a PhD student at Harvard, advised by Jonathan Losos and David Haig.

Carl VellerCarl_rsz_img_6576-2 Carl is a postdoc working on population genomics of human centromeres, with the aim of identifying and understanding health associations and meiotic drive of particular centromere variants. Before joining the lab, he was a PhD student with Martin Nowak at Harvard.

DSCF3965 copy.jpeg

Silu Wang. Silu is a postdoc working on speciation and introgression. Currently, she is trying to understand the evolutionary history of speciation genes by reconstructing ancestral recombination graphs in the Pacific West warblers. Before joining the Lab, she was a postdoc with Doris Bachtrog at UC Berkeley.