Graham Coop

Email: gmcoop ucdavis edu

I was a post-doc in the group of Jonathan
Pritchard in the Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago, while there I also work closely with Molly Przeworski. Before that I was a PhD student with Bob Griffiths in the mathematical genetics group in Statistics Department at Oxford. I’m now a professor in the Department of Evolution and Ecology at UC Davis. CV_2015

Vince Buffalo
Vince joined the lab in 2015 as a PhD student. Vince works on theory and methods for understanding the impact of linked selection. Previously he worked as a bioinformatics wiz in various labs. You can find his book on bioinformatics book here.


Erin Calfee

Erin_pictureErin is a graduate student in the Coop lab working on genomic methods to answer questions about natural selection within hybrid zones, the evolution of reproductive isolation, and the role of admixture in various natural systems. She started her PhD in 2015 and previously earned a bachelor’s at Brown University, where she studied history (of people, not genomes).

Nancy Chen
Nancy is a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in the Coop lab. Her research combines genomic data with long-term demographic and pedigree data to study the evolutionary processes governing patterns of genetic variation across the genome. Before joining the Coop lab, Nancy was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and a Ph.D. student with Andy Clark and John Fitzpatrick. At Cornell, she worked on the genomic consequences of declining population size and developed bioinformatics tools for analyzing next-generation sequencing data in non-model organisms.

Katie Ferris

Katie_ferris.JPGKatie is the Center for Population Biology Post-doctoral Fellow and she is currently studying the genetic basis, development, and adaptive significance of population level vs. phenotypically plastic variation in leaf shape in the annual plant Mimulus laciniatus in collaboration with Johanna Schmitt and Jeff Ross-Ibarra. In her previous post-doctoral work with Michael Nachman Katie examined the genomic and phenotypic basis of environmental adaptation in the house mouse, Mus domesticus, across the Americas using population genomic scans for selection and quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping. During Katie’s PhD in John Willis’ Lab she studied the genetics of adaptation to granite outcrop environments in the Mimulus guttatus species complex using a combination of QTL mapping, next gen sequencing, and reciprocal transplants with hybrid individuals in the field.

Emily Josephs

em_20valleycroppedEmily is a NSF plant genome postdoc working on adaptation to domestication in collaboration with Jeff Ross-Ibarra and Julin Maloof. She has a PhD from the University of Toronto, where she worked on the within-population maintenance of variation for gene expression with Stephen Wright and John Stinchcombe.



Kristin Lee
Kristin joined the lab in 2014 as a PhD student following on from doing an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin. Kristin is working on methods to identify the mode of convergence from population genomic data.

Flown the Coop lab

(Former members of Coop lab)
Peter Ralph.
Peter was a postdoc (NIH NRSA) working on various spatial population genetics models and analysis. He’s now faculty in Computational Biology at USC.

Yaniv Brandvain

Yaniv was an NSF biological informatics postdoctoral and Center for Population Biology Postdoctoral fellow at Davis. While a postdoc with the Coop Lab (and Turelli lab) Yaniv worked on a range of research related to the population genomics of plant speciation and meiotic drive. He started a faculty position at the University of Minnesota in 2014.

Joel Smith. Joel was a junior research specialist in the lab. He’s working on various projects on the evolution of recombination and local adaptation. He’s now a grad. student in E & E at chicago.

Torsten Gunther: visited the lab in 2011-2012 and worked on extending Bayenv to more robustly identify signals of local adaptation.

Chenling Antelope (Xu)
Chenling did her undergrad at Davis and joined our group as a junior research specialist. She worked on understanding patterns of recent adaptation in Mimulus (in collaboration with Kevin Wright and John Willis) and on creating sex-specific maps of recombination in humans. Chenling joined the compbio grad group at UC Berkeley.

Ivan Juric
Ivan wass a postdoc in the Coop Lab. Before joining Coop lab, Ivan was a graduate student with Sergey Gavrilets at the University of Tennessee where he worked on projects related to how selection, recombination and gene flow affect DNA polymorphisms. In the Coop lab he worked on understanding Neanderthal introgression and the analysis of recent human history. He now works at 23&me.

Gideon Bradburd


Gideon was a PhD student working between the Moore, Coop, and Shaffer labs. Gideon worked on developing methods to study spatial patterns of genetic variation and applying these in a variety of empirical systems. He’s currently doing a  postdoc at UC Berkeley.

Alisa Sedghifar

Alisa was a graduate student in the Coop and Begun labs, she worked on Drosophila popgen and spatial admixture patterns currently doing a postdoc with Peter Andolfatto at Princeton.

Simon Aeschbacher
Simon was a postdoc with us and worked on signals of selection against gene-flow here.

Jeremy Berg

Jeremy was in the lab 2011-2016 and worked on theory and methods to detect selection acting on polygenic traits and standing variation.