Graham Coop

Email: gmcoop ucdavis edu

I was a post-doc in the group of Jonathan
Pritchard in the Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago, while there I also work closely with Molly Przeworski. Before that I was a PhD student with Bob Griffiths in the mathematical genetics group in Statistics Department at Oxford. I’m now a professor in the Department of Evolution and Ecology at UC Davis. CV_2015

Vince Buffalo
Vince joined the lab in 2015 as a PhD student. Vince works on theory and methods for understanding the impact of linked selection. Previously he worked as a bioinformatics wiz in various labs. You can find his book on bioinformatics book here.

Erin Calfee

Erin_pictureErin is a graduate student in the Coop lab working on genomic methods to answer questions about natural selection within hybrid zones, the evolution of reproductive isolation, and the role of admixture in various natural systems. She started her PhD in 2015 and previously earned a bachelor’s at Brown University, where she studied history (of people, not genomes).

Doc (Michael) Edge
Doc is a postdoc working on statistical methods for studying the population genetics of polygenic traits. He is also interested in applications of population genetics in medicine and forensics. He received his PhD from Stanford University in 2016, working with Noah Rosenberg.

Matt Osmond
Matt is a postdoc learning coalescent theory and applying it to situations where selection and demography influence one another. He joined the lab in 2018 as a Center for Population Biology postdoc, after finishing his PhD with Sally Otto.


Sivan Yair
Sivan is a PhD student working on methods to characterize cases of introgression, such as the timing and strength of selection, to understand the context in which introgressed alleles rise in frequency. She joined the lab in 2016 following her undergraduate at the College of William and Mary.