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Woodland genetic genealogy talk

I gave a talk as part of the Woodland (CA) Public Library Science & Society Discussion Series (Thurs once a month). The powerpoint of the slides is here: Woodland genetic genealogy slides [ppt], a pdf of the slides is here … Continue reading

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How lucky was the genetic investigation in the Golden State Killer case?

Last week, police arrested Joseph DeAngelo as a suspect in case of the Golden State Killer, an infamous serial murderer and rapist whose case has been open for over forty years. The arrest is huge news in and of itself, … Continue reading

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Polygenic scores and tea drinking

Debates over the contribution of genetics to differences among populations have a long and contentious history. We have known for a long time that nearly all traits are partially heritable, meaning that genetic differences are associated with differences in phenotypes … Continue reading

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Where did your genetic ancestors come from?

[Part of a continuing set of blog posts on genetics and genealogy] In the last post I described how you are descended from a vast number of ancestors, from all over the world. But how much of your genome traces … Continue reading

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Your ancestors lived all over the world

In the last post I discussed the idea that that we are all related in the recent past (building off the work of Chang, Derrida, and colleagues). This idea can be confusing; for many of us our ancestors all seem … Continue reading

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Our vast, shared family tree.

You might not like to admit it, but you’re related to me. It’s very unlikely that you’re my sibling (I’m not even sure if my family read these posts). You’re one of over seven billion people alive today, and I … Continue reading

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Guest lecture on archaic genomics

Had fun giving a guest lecture in TIm Weaver’s Anthro. course on Neanderthals, pdf of slides here: Neanderthal_genomics_lecture_Weaver_class Graham

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