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Nancy’s biology of genomes talk

Nancy presented her work on the genomics of short-term selection in the Florida Scrub Jays  at the CSHL Biology of genomes meeting. You can read a writeup of the work here. Nancy’s talk was wonderfully illustrated by Alex Cagan:

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what is genetic correlation?

With the availability of genomic data on large cohorts of well-phenotyped individuals, there has been an increased interest in “genetic correlations” between traits. That is, when testing a set of genetic variants for association with two traits, are the effects … Continue reading

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Coopon Brunch

Anita To, Jeremy Berg, Graham, Nancy Chen, Emily Josephs, Vince Buffalo, Kristin Lee, Simon Aeschbacher.

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Slides of Coop Lab talks/posters at SMBE

Slides from the Coop lab talks are posted below. Note that much of this work is ongoing, so please treat it as provisional. Contact us if you’d like to know more, or if you want to build on it. Alisa … Continue reading

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illustrations of lab SMBE talks by Alex Cagan

One of the best features of conference coverage of SMBE has been Alex Cagan’s illustrations of talks. A few folks in the lab were luckily enough to be in the sessions that Alex was drawing in; his illustrations of their … Continue reading

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Does grasshopper sperm evolve to make female meiosis fair?

Juan Pedro M. Camacho alerted Yaniv and myself towards Herrera et al. 1996 –a potential example of male control of female meiotic drive being exposed in crosses among grasshopper populations– as we predicted in our paper (Brandvain and Coop, “Sperm … Continue reading

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Coopons at SMBE

The Coop lab are looking forward to SMBE in Vienna next week. We’ve listed our talks below. Jeremy Berg. Patterns of Genetic and Haplotypic Variation surrounding a Sweep from Standing Variation 130B Poster session A Mon 13-Thurs16 Alisa Sedghifar. The … Continue reading

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