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The evolution of polygenic predictions under stabilizing selection

Sivan’s new preprint on the evolution of polygenic predictions under stabilizing selection is here: Sivan’s twitter thread on the paper is here: pdf of slides of a talk on this topic

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Congratulations to Erin!!

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New release of “Population and Quantitative Genetics” book

The second release version of “Population and Quantitative Genetics”. All of the latex, figures, etc are released under a CC-BY 3.0 licence. All of the figures have their attribution and code is provided for all of the figures produced for … Continue reading

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Paper FAQ for Attacks on genetic privacy via uploads to genealogical databases

An FAQ written by Doc (Michael) Edge and Graham Coop on their paper about genetic genealogy & privacy (pdf link here). The preprint is scheduled to appear on Oct 22nd and should be available at this link. What is this … Continue reading

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Coop lab Evolution Talks

Doc Edge How much does GWAS stratification drive variation in polygenic scores? Selection 1 Saturday the 22nd 9:45 AM 552 Vince Buffalo Detecting the signature of polygenic adaptation in temporal datasets Molecular Ecology 1 Sat, June 22 4:15 PM 552 … Continue reading

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Toronto Darwin Day

Had a lot of fun giving the Darwin Day talk at the University of Toronto on Genetics, Genealogy, and our Vast Family Tree. Here is a pdf slides: Toronto Darwin Day pdf and the powerpoint Toronto Darwin Day Power Point … Continue reading

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Woodland genetic genealogy talk

I gave a talk as part of the Woodland (CA) Public Library Science & Society Discussion Series (Thurs once a month). The powerpoint of the slides is here: Woodland genetic genealogy slides [ppt], a pdf of the slides is here … Continue reading

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Coop lab at PEGQ

Emily Josephs. Detecting polygenic adaptation in maize. 11:20am – 11:40am Mon, May 14 Erin Calfee. Methods for detecting selection in admixed populations. Short talk: 4:30pm – 4:35pm Mon, May 14. Poster (56M) 8:00pm – 9:00pm Mon, May 14 Doc Edge. … Continue reading

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How lucky was the genetic investigation in the Golden State Killer case?

Last week, police arrested Joseph DeAngelo as a suspect in case of the Golden State Killer, an infamous serial murderer and rapist whose case has been open for over forty years. The arrest is huge news in and of itself, … Continue reading

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Polygenic scores and tea drinking

Debates over the contribution of genetics to differences among populations have a long and contentious history. We have known for a long time that nearly all traits are partially heritable, meaning that genetic differences are associated with differences in phenotypes … Continue reading

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