New release of “Population and Quantitative Genetics” book

The second release version of “Population and Quantitative Genetics”. All of the latex, figures, etc are released under a CC-BY 3.0 licence. All of the figures have their attribution and code is provided for all of the figures produced for the book.

If you make use these notes please consider answering this questionnaire. I’m collecting this information in case it helps support further development of the notes.

What’s new? Descriptions throughout the book have been expanded. I’ve also added new figures and illustrations. Entirely new to this release:
A math appendix at the end of the book. This briefly reviews many of the math topics needed to follow the explanations in the book. Links to this appendix have been added throughout the book.
A new final chapter on the interaction of selection and recombination. This new chapter discusses the advantages and disadvantages of sex and recombination, and the evolution of inversions and super genes.

A chapter ‘Population Structure and Correlations Among Loci’ has been broken off the chapter on allele and genotype frequencies.
A chapter ‘The Population Genetics of Divergence and Molecular Substitution.’ has been broken off from the genetic drift chapter and extended. A chapter on ‘Neutral Diversity and Population Structure’ has also been broken off from this genetic drift chapter.
The response to selection chapter has been split into a chapter on single traits (‘The Response to Phenotypic Selection’) and on multiple traits (‘The Response of Multiple Traits to Selection.’). New material on fitness landscapes has been added to the single trait chapter and the multivariate chapter has new material on estimating fitness gradients.
A section of sex ratios and selfish elements has been added to the ‘One-Locus Models of Selection’ chapter.
A section on hybrid zones has been added to the ‘The Interaction of Selection, Mutation, and Migration.’ chapter.

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1 Response to New release of “Population and Quantitative Genetics” book

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the tremendous effort putting this book together, it really has been a great resource for our students and trainees. One question I was asked was about the availability of solutions to the problems in the text?
    I didn’t realize they were not included. Or are they? We searched through the source code files and the pdf itself but couldn’t find them. Are we missing something obvious?
    As you can imagine, it would certainly help to have the solutions available as we work through the problem sets together to ensure material is comprehended properly.

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