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kummerspeck and the departure of Torsten

[Kummerspeck: literally grief bacon in German. The excess weight gained from from over eating.] In the Coop lab we’ll be piling on the kummerspeck due to our sadness at Torsten leaving the lab to return to Germany. For the past … Continue reading

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journal tea: Mantel’s got problems

For Monday at 9.45am (Coop lab) let’s read these papers about the problems with the mantel test: popgen problems with mantel: phylogeny problems with mantel:

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Scambling eggs toasts meiotic drive out in Genetics

Yaniv and I’s paper on meiotic drive and the evolution of female recombination rates has just appeared in the latest Genetics. You can read more about the paper in our blog post here.

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journal tea: Feb 16th

Let’s read: Chromosome-scale selective sweeps shape Caenorhabditis elegans genomic diversity

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Carl’s new paper on the power of comparative methods

Carl, Peter, and I’s paper on the power of comparative methods just appeared in Evolution. The paper is ArXived here with code here, Carl has slides and a blog post (here and here). As you can see from the number … Continue reading

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SMBE in Dublin

A bunch of us from lab (Yaniv, Alisa, Peter, and I) have registered for SMBE in Dublin this year. It should be a really fun meeting. Registration is still open if you are interested. Peter and I are also planning … Continue reading

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Human Variation meeting

A bunch of us headed down to the Berkeley Human Genome Variation meeting the other week. The program is here: there were a bunch of fun talks, and it was a great chance to meet new people and catch … Continue reading

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