Most of our scripts and datasets are now hosted on the cooplab github.


The HGDP selection browser created and maintained by Joe Pickrell, which accompanies our paper on signals of selection in the Human Genome Diversity Panel (Pickrell et a. 2009)

Supplementary Data for Coop et al. High-resolution mapping of crossovers reveals extensive variation in fine-scale recombination patterns among humans.

The code and related items for Peter Ralph and I’s paper “The geography of recent genetic ancestry across Europe” is available here.


The program and various related files for Bayenv available here.

The program and various related files for Bedazzle are available from Gideon Bradburd’s site


Chris Spencer and Graham developed SelSim a program to simulate sequence, SNP or microsatellite data for a recombining sequence with a single selected site. The model of selection is a general biallelic scheme. The program is available from Chris’s new website. The program is described in SelSim: A program to simulate population genetic data with selection and recombination.


This is an implementation of the importance sampling method discussed in Ancestral inference on gene trees under selection, available on request from Graham.