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Coop lab talks at Evolution 2017

Emily Josephs “Detecting polygenic adaptation in maize” 9am, Sunday, b117_119. Gideon Bradburd. “Isolation by distance as a null hypothesis of population structure” Sunday, 9:00AM-9:15AM Oregon Ballroom 204. “ASN Spotlight Symposium- Processes underlying pattern: considering the evolutionary mechanisms underlying population-level differentiation” … Continue reading

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Congrats to Vince on passing his quals

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Coopons in Austin

Two generations of Coopons (Brandvain & Ralph lab folks) out for BBQ in Austin Left to Right: Yaniv, Emily, Erin, Josh [Ralph lab]. Kristin, Vince, Jeremy, Nancy, Graham, Peter,  Alex [Branvain Lab].

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Coopon Brunch

Anita To, Jeremy Berg, Graham, Nancy Chen, Emily Josephs, Vince Buffalo, Kristin Lee, Simon Aeschbacher.

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illustrations of lab SMBE talks by Alex Cagan

One of the best features of conference coverage of SMBE has been Alex Cagan’s illustrations of talks. A few folks in the lab were luckily enough to be in the sessions that Alex was drawing in; his illustrations of their … Continue reading

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Gideon’s exit seminar & FroYo in Space

A few pictures from Gideon’s exit seminar celebrations. Chenling, Helena, Marge, Gideon, Jeremy, Kristin, Graham, Vince, Alisa, Ivan, & Simon. Gid’s exit seminar was great. A bunch of Gid’s friends and family contributed good luck messages including Luke, Peter, & … Continue reading

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Coop Lab BBQ/BBCoop

Gid and Marge kindly hosted a BBQ at their place for the Coop Lab. Front row: Kristin, Chenling, Alisa, Graham. Back row: Gideon, Ivan, Jeremy, Vince, Simon. Much violence was done to wooden blocks. Vince taught us how to play … Continue reading

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