Summer 2022 (dumpling-making party)c887f63d-2a2a-45da-8a19-30b0c3ebe6eb

Carl Veller, Pavitra Muralidhar, Silu Wang, James Kitchens, Jeff Groh, Graham, Alexis Simon

Coop lab Spring 2022 (Sivan’s PhD celebration)


Silu Wang, Pavitra Muralidhar, Carl Veller, Graham, Sivan Yair, Alexis Simon, Jeff Groh, Gabriele Sgarlata (James Kitchens not pictured).

Coop lab 2021 (Erin’s PhD celebration)


Jeff Groh, Carl Veller, Sivan Yair, Erin Calfee, Pavitra Muralidhar, Graham

Coop lab rafting trip 2021


Erin Calfee, Anita To, Pavitra Muralidhar, Sivan Yair, Graham, Carl Veller

Coop lab zoom farewell to Matt Osmond 2020


Coop lab zoom celebration of Yaniv Brandvain’s tenure 2020


Coop lab zoom celebration of Doc Edge leaving for USC 2020


Coop lab 2019


Anita To, Mark Ravinet (visiting), Erin Calfee, Sivan Yair, Matt Osmond, Doc Edge, Graham, Vince Buffalo

Coop Lab 2018 reunion and extended lineage at PEQG 


Coop lab 2017


Top Row: Doc Edge, Erin Calfee, Graha, Vince Buffalo

Bottom Row: Sivan Yair, Katie Ferris, Nancy Chen, Emily Josephs, Kristin Lee

Coop lab 2017 yacht rock party


Erin Calfee, Nancy Chen, Kevin, Emily Josephs, Doc Edge, (kneeing Sivan Yair, Kristin Lee), Graham, Anita To, Jessica Selby (visiting), Susan Johnston (visiting)

Coop lab 2016


Anita To, Jeremy Berg, Graham, Nancy Chen, Emily Josephs, Vince Buffalo, Kristin Lee, Simon Aeschbacher.

Lab celebrating Harald Ringbauer’s visit to the Coop lab with goulash 2016


Harald Ringbauer, Kristin Lee, Nancy Chen, Jeremy Berg, Emily Josephs, Graham

Coop, Ralph, and Brainvain labs 2016 in Austin


Coop Lab 2015 (Vienna)


Ivan Juric, Simon Aeschbacher, Jeremy Berg, Gideon Bradburd, Chenling Xu, Kristin Lee, Emily Josephs, Alisa Sedghifar

Coop Lab 2015


Chenling Xu, Gideon Bradburd, Graham, Jeremy Berg, Alisa Sedghifar, Ivan Juric, Vince Buffalo, Kristin Lee, Simon Aeschbacher

Coop Lab 2014 dinner


Gideon Bradburd, Alisa Sedghifar, Jeremy Berg, Katie, Ivan Juric, Simon Aeschbacher, Vince. Buffalo, Helen, Kristin Lee, Chenling Lee

Coop Lab 2014.

Simon Aeschbacher, Kristin Lee, Alisa Sedghifar, Gideon Bradburd, Jeremy Berg, Graham. Chenling Xu not pictured (as she was off having a fantastic time in Brazil).

Coop Lab 2013.


Yaniv Brandvain, Jeremy Berg, Alisa Sedghifar, Gideon Bradburd, Chenling Xu, Peter Ralph, and Graham.

Some members of Coop lab in Great Basin national park on drive to Evolution 2013


Graham, Jeremy Berg, Chenling Xu, Yaniv Brandvain

You can find many more photos of the coop lab here.

Some old photos

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