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Coop lab Evolution Talks

Doc Edge How much does GWAS stratification drive variation in polygenic scores? Selection 1 Saturday the 22nd 9:45 AM 552 Vince Buffalo Detecting the signature of polygenic adaptation in temporal datasets Molecular Ecology 1 Sat, June 22 4:15 PM 552 … Continue reading

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Toronto Darwin Day

Had a lot of fun giving the Darwin Day talk at the University of Toronto on Genetics, Genealogy, and our Vast Family Tree. Here is a pdf slides: Toronto Darwin Day pdf and the powerpoint Toronto Darwin Day Power Point … Continue reading

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Coopons in Austin

Two generations of Coopons (Brandvain & Ralph lab folks) out for BBQ in Austin Left to Right: Yaniv, Emily, Erin, Josh [Ralph lab]. Kristin, Vince, Jeremy, Nancy, Graham, Peter,  Alex [Branvain Lab].

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Lab trip to 23 & me

We took a trip down to visit 23 & me’s research group. Graham gave a talk on Alisa and Gideon’s work. Thanks to Kasia Bryc for the invitation. Vince, Graham, Gideon, Alisa, Kristin, Chenling and Ivan (Simon and Jeremy not … Continue reading

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Coop lab talks from Evol2014

Our talks from Evolution are below. Much of the work is unpublished and provisional, so please contact us for updates/details if you are interested in the work. Alisa’s talk on a Model of Genome-Wide Patterns of Ancestry in a Secondary … Continue reading

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Coop lab at SMBE2013

Hope to see you at SMBE 2013 in Chicago. Yaniv, Jeremy, and I will be at the meeting and giving talks. Kristin Lee, the newest member of the Coop lab (starting Sept), will also be around. Talks from the Coop … Continue reading

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Evolution meeting 2013 at Snowbird, UT

The whole lab went to the Evolution meeting at Snowbird, Utah. The talks from the lab went over well it seems (see e.g. Kim Gilbert’s writeup). We’ll hopefully post some pdfs of the talk slides shortly. There were some great … Continue reading

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