Back from our grand European tour

We are all back from our European adventures. Both SMBE and the “Probability, Population genetics and Evolution” meeting at the CIRM were great.

The countryside around the CIRM (near Marseille) was spectacular. One of the afternoons after the talks were done, we went for a hike along the limestone cliffs there (followed by a swim in the med). Some photos are below [thanks to Noemi Kurt for sharing these].

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PDFs of our slides and posters are below, for those of you who missed seeing us there:
Graham’s SMBE poster
Graham’s CIRM talk
Peter’s SMBE poster
Peter’s CIRM talk
Yaniv’s SMBE poster
some of this represents unpublished work, so please treat the results as preliminary.

Yaniv agave a version of this talk at the Evolution meeting. Gideon also talked about his spatial popgen work at this meeting. Gideon’s talk got a nice writeup at the Nothing in Biology Makes Sense blog (they also writeup Carl’s work, which we’ve also helped out with a bit [see here]). Thanks to them for a nice writeups.

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