Coop lab at SMBE2013

Hope to see you at SMBE 2013 in Chicago. Yaniv, Jeremy, and I will be at the meeting and giving talks. Kristin Lee, the newest member of the Coop lab (starting Sept), will also be around.

Talks from the Coop lab:
Yaniv Brandvain. Speciation and Introgression in a Mimulus Species Pair. Monday 11.30am Speciation Genomics.

Graham Coop. Predictions and Inference for Coalescent Models with Soft Sweeps. Wednesday. 9.24am. The Evol. Gen. of Polygenic Traits.

Jeremy Berg. General Approaches for Identifying Adaptation Involving Polygenic Traits. Wednesday. 9.45am. The Evol. Gen. of Polygenic Traits.

Hope to see you there; I’m particularly looking forward to catching up with all the Chicago folks.


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