Evolution Meeting 2013

We are heading off shortly to the Evolution 2013 meeting, and taking a bit of a road trip to get up there (via camping in Great Basin National park, and a few other sights). Hope to see you there. Come see the talks by folks in our lab:

Graham Coop Saturday 11.15am Alpine A/B. (Popgen Theory).
“The coalescent with soft sweeps”.
Jeremy Berg. Sunday 11.45am. Rendezvous A. (Gene Flow/Migration II)
“Using environmental correlations and genome-wide associations to detect the signal of polygenic selection”.
Gideon Bradburd. Sunday 2.45. Peruvian B (Genetic Drift).
“Disentangling the effects of geographic and ecological isolation on genetic differentiation”
Alisa Sedghifar. Sunday 3.45pm. Alpine A/B. (Empirical Popgen V.)
“Genomic patterns of latitudinal differentiation in Drosophila simulans.”
Yaniv Brandvain. Monday 9.15am. Cottonwood C. (Speciation IV.)
“Speciation and Introgression in a Mimulus species pair”
Chenling Xu. Monday 10.40. Cottonwood B.
“Molecular analysis of Wolbachia invasions in Drosophila simulans

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