Coop lab talks from Evol2014

Our talks from Evolution are below. Much of the work is unpublished and provisional, so please contact us for updates/details if you are interested in the work.

Alisa’s talk on a Model of Genome-Wide Patterns of Ancestry in a Secondary Contact Zone

Graham’s Evolution talk on adaptation to patchy environments (also given in slightly modified form at SMBE)
the first half is joint work with Peter Ralph, the second is a collaboration with Chenling, Kevin Wright, and John Willis.

Gideon’s poster on a novel method for visualizing spatial structure and admixture (given at SMBE, and as guerrilla poster at Evolution by graham):

Simon’s talk on Exploring genome-wide signals of selection against gene flow
Simon_Aeschbacher_Evolution2014.pdf, Simon’s talk was videoed and posted to youtube.

Jeremy’s talk on testing for adaptive phenotypic divergence

Yaniv’s talk on why sperm might evolve to help keep female meiosis fair:

Alex Cagan’s [@ATJCagan] sketch of Graham’s talk from SMBE:
original tweet. All of his sketches of the talks were great!

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