Toronto Darwin Day

Had a lot of fun giving the Darwin Day talk at the University of Toronto on Genetics, Genealogy, and our Vast Family Tree. Here is a pdf slides:
Toronto Darwin Day pdf
and the powerpoint
Toronto Darwin Day Power Point Slides
Thanks to all of the people who braved the snowstorm and shutdown campus to come along. Thanks to Aneil for the invitation, and the grad students for a lovely visit and helping out:

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1 Response to Toronto Darwin Day

  1. Syndercombe-Court, Denise says:

    thanks for sharing – very helpful.


    Denise Syndercombe Court

    Professor of Forensic Genetics

    Department of Analytical, Environmental and Forensic Sciences

    King’s College London

    Franklin-Wilkins Building

    150 Stamford Street

    London SE1 9NH

    020 7848 4155

    07966 262167


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