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Our vast, shared family tree.

You might not like to admit it, but you’re related to me. It’s very unlikely that you’re my sibling (I’m not even sure if my family read these posts). You’re one of over seven billion people alive today, and I … Continue reading

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Genomics of Isolation by distance in Florida Scrub Jays

Stepfanie Aguillon and Nancy Chen‘s paper on combining genomics and genealogy to study isolation by distance is out in PLOS Genetics.

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Coop lab talks at Evolution 2017

Emily Josephs “Detecting polygenic adaptation in maize” 9am, Sunday, b117_119. Gideon Bradburd. “Isolation by distance as a null hypothesis of population structure” Sunday, 9:00AM-9:15AM Oregon Ballroom 204. “ASN Spotlight Symposium- Processes underlying pattern: considering the evolutionary mechanisms underlying population-level differentiation” … Continue reading

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Guest lecture on archaic genomics

Had fun giving a guest lecture in TIm Weaver’s Anthro. course on Neanderthals, pdf of slides here: Neanderthal_genomics_lecture_Weaver_class Graham

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In defense of Science

In Defense of Science   We are deeply concerned by the Trump administration’s move to gag scientists working at various governmental agencies. The US government employs scientists working on medicine, public health, agriculture, energy, space, clean water and air, weather, … Continue reading

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Population Genetics Undergrad Class

We’re teaching Population and Quantitative Genetics (undergrad EVE102) this quarter. We’re posting our materials here, in case they are of interest. A pdf of the popgen notes is here The slide pdfs are linked to below Lecture One [Introduction and … Continue reading

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Congrats to Vince on passing his quals

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Coopons in Austin

Two generations of Coopons (Brandvain & Ralph lab folks) out for BBQ in Austin Left to Right: Yaniv, Emily, Erin, Josh [Ralph lab]. Kristin, Vince, Jeremy, Nancy, Graham, Peter,  Alex [Branvain Lab].

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A Genealogical Look at Shared Ancestry on the X Chromosome

Congratulations to Vince on the publication of his paper “A Genealogical Look at Shared Ancestry on the X Chromosome”, which has been published in Genetics . In this paper, in collaboration with Steve Mount and myself, he explores how the … Continue reading

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Coopons at Evolution 2016 Austin

Kristin Lee Mutation, migration, standing variation: the where and how of convergent adaptation Sat. 2:45, Ballroom B, SSE Hamilton Award Symposium 3 Jeremy Berg Understanding the impact of directional selection on the evolution of human quantitative traits Sat 3:30, Ballroom … Continue reading

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