Population Genetics notes

I’m releasing a draft of my population genetics notes from the graduate level course I teach in the population biology graduate core course here at UC Davis. I developed these notes in the last iteration of the course I taught, and so they are still full of typos etc. I hope they will be of use to others.

I’m also releasing the latex, figures, and code for the figures so that these notes can be rewritten by others for other classes/purposes. All of this is available from our lab github page.

The code and data for the R exercises are available here.

Theses notes, code, and all of the figures are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. So if you do reuse these you don’t need my permission, you just need to acknowledge me.

These notes owe a debt to the huge literature of popgen papers and textbooks I’ve read over the years.

My notes aren’t the only popgen openly available online. Here’s a couple of other resources:

Kent Holsinger’s Notes on Figshare
and webpage.
Joe Felsenstein’s book

I’m happy to add more to this list.


Creative Commons License

12 Responses to Population Genetics notes

  1. Brian Counterman says:

    Fantastic resource! Thanks, Graham.

  2. Bope says:

    Thank you for the book

  3. Graham, stumbled upon this resource from Haldane’s Sieve. This is fabulous. I’ve been doing something similar for microbial ecology and evolution (http://micropopbio.org) for several years, but not nearly as professionally or comprehensively as you have. I echo Felsenstein’s book.

    I’m now even sadder not to be teaching molecular evolution or pop gen next fall, but will send this to my successor. Thank you!


  4. vscooper says:

    Dear Graham, just stumbled upon this fabulous resource from Haldane’s Sieve. Thank you very much! I’m now sadder that I’m not teaching molecular evolution / pop gen in the fall, but will send this resource to my successor.

    I’ve been doing something similar for microbial ecology and evolution here at UNH (http://microopobio.org) for several years but in nowhere near the level of polish / detail that you’ve offered. And I second the value of Felsenstein’s book, which I send to all of my lab and students.

    Thanks again!

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  6. rich lawler says:

    Bruce Walsh’s homepage comes to mind, and under his “talks/notes” section he has a nice set of lectures on Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics (not to mention his book length draft of Evolution and Selection of Quantitative Traits with Lynch):


  7. Dan says:

    Dear Graham,

    This is a really great resource, perfect for brushing up on some difficult areas that aren’t covered that much in the usual texts e.g. Hartl and Clarke. I noticed in section 4.5.1, equation 90, I think the sign is wrong (should be negative on one side), giving


    Also, I found it very slightly confusing that at the top of page 30 the sink location is described as receiving a contribution g(\Delta x) from the location x+\Delta x, when in fact it is receiving this contribution from x-\Delta x. Of course, due to the symmetry of the normal distribution, you get the same answer using g(-\Delta x).

  8. Tanja Pyhäjärvi says:

    I use your R codes in classes and your notes as an additional resource. Will give you feedback after the course (DNA analysis in population genetics, University of Oulu).

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  10. Harry logz says:

    This is really a rich source of information, I appreciate your work indeed

  11. Nic Kooeyrs says:

    Graham, really appreciate that you took the time to share all of your pop gen lectures, figures, code, and exercises. This has been the most useful resource for developing my graduate pop gen course this fall (University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Fall 2019)!

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