Teaching Population genetics resources

I teach a graduate level population genetics class, in our Population Biology Graduate Group core (along with a large undergrad class on An Introduction to Evolution). I taught the course last year and it went reasonably well (well no one complained too bitterly). This year I’ve decided to post some of my resources as I develop them to this blog. The hope is that they’ll be useful to others.

I was inspired to do this by the R code tutorial that Yaniv my great postdoc posted on his website. In general I’m exploring new ways to share more of the work we do, for example: posting our papers to archives and posting all of the code from our papers from now on. It is tricky to share our research work too early as competition (or at least perceived competition) makes that difficult. Teaching is one area where I can see absolutely no downside to sharing as early and as much as possible.

If you do use them, please acknowledge that fact (mainly so that others can find this resource). Also if you do use them it would be great if you could add a comment to the post, so I can see how widely used they are, to get a sense of how worthwhile this is. If you find a bug or make an improved version do let me know.

Hope this is helpful to people. We’ll have to see how successful I am at keeping this up.


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