trip to Bay Area Population Genetics meeting

A few weekends ago a bunch of us from the Coop lab headed down to the Bay Area popgen meeting (BAPG) at Stanford this time organised by Dmitri Petrov. This is a twice yearly meetup for population geneticists in the Bay area, that rotates between different locations. There’s a tonne of us around here, at UC Davis, Berkeley, UCSC, UCLA and Stanford, so the meeting is pretty big with about 100 people attending. It’s a really great opportunity to hang out with fellow pop-geneticists (I guess a group of popgen people could be a coalescent) and hear some neat talks.

I gave a talk on Peter Ralph and I’s work on partial sweeps, the slides are available BAPG_2011. The paper is now up on the arXiv here.

I think there might be a video, which I’ll post a link to as soon as it appears. Hopefully we’ll hold one in Davis in the near future.


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