Intro. to Evolution (EVE100) Reading

Thought I’d quickly post our reading list from my round of teaching EVE100 intro. to evolution:

Week 1. Darwin and Wallace’s 1858 letters to the Linnean Society

Week 2. Scaduto et al. Source identification in two criminal cases using phylogenetic analysis of HIV-1 DNA sequences

Week 3. Grant and Grant Evolution of Character Displacement in Darwin’s Finches.

Week 5. Hoekstra et al. A Single Amino Acid Mutation Contributes to Adaptive Beach Mouse Color Pattern.

Week 6. Li et al. Sequencing of 50 Human Exomes Reveals Adaptation to High Altitude.

Week 7. Andersson. Female choice selects for extreme tail length in a widowbird.
Welch et al. Call Duration as an Indicator of Genetic Quality in Male Gray Tree Frogs.

Week 9. Hopkins and Rausher. Identification of two genes causing reinforcement in the Texas wildflower Phlox drummondii.

Week 10. Arnegard et al. Old gene duplication facilitates origin and diversification of an innovative communication system—twice.

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