There’s copper in dem der hills. Copperopolis or bust!

A few of us from the Coop lab (Yaniv, Joel, and I) ventured out to Copperopolis, in the sierra foothills, to visit Kevin Wright’s field site on the copper mines out there (Kathy Toll a grad student in the Willis lab was also out there with us). Kevin’s currently working on local adaptation to copper mine tailings in Mimulus guttatus and we are starting to collaborate with him and John Willis on the popgen aspects of this work. We had a great day out helping out with field work (or at least pretending to for the camera) and seeing Kevin’s great field system for ecological genomics. We also hiked out to some limestone caves on our trip. You can read more about Copperopolis here and Kevin’s work here. Stay tuned for more on our collaboration.

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