BAPG at UCDavis podcasts

On Saturday we had a great turn out at the sixth Bay area population genomics (BAPG) meeting, which the Coop lab hosted at UC Davis. Over 70 people attended, and we had a great range of posters and talks. Thanks again to the Center for Population Biology and the Graduate group for Population Biology for sponsoring the event. Yaniv, Alisa, Peter and Jeremy put in lots of work to make the meeting a success.

Also thanks to Peter and Alisa for the birthday cake for Yaniv and I’s birthdays. Two of the cakes were decorated with flower petals to represent a crossover and hybrid zone. Sadly we didn’t get pictures of the cakes as they were eaten rapidly (and we were too busy making bad jokes about crossover resolution and the collapse of hybrid zones).

In case you couldn’t attend the podcasts and pdfs of the talk slides are below. Thanks again to the speakers for a great meeting, and for allowing us to share their talks. Luckily we didn’t record everyone singing Happy Birthday to Yaniv and I.

10:00 Ethan Jewett. Using a deterministic function to derive approximate coalescent distributions (Grad Student. Rosenberg lab, Stanford) pdf and podcast

10:30 Yaniv Brandvain. Identification of ancestral haplotypes reveals the history of the selfing species, Capsela rubella. (Postdoc, Coop Lab. UC Davis) pdf and podcast

11:30 Benjamin Peter Which way did they go? Detecting directional migration from genetic data (Grad Student, Slatkin/Nielsen Labs. UC Berkeley) pdf and podcast

12:00 Tanja Pyhäjärvi Complex patterns of local adaptation in teosinte (Postdoc, Ross-Ibarra Lab, UC Davis) pdf and podcast

1:30 Sara Sheehan Estimating ancient population sizes using the coalescent with recombination (Grad Student. Song Lab. UC Berkeley) pdf and podcast

2:00 Alan Bergland Temporal and spatial dynamics of adaptation in Drosophila (Postdoc, Petrov Lab, Stanford) pdf and podcast

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