new ArXiv paper on the population genomics of a recently derived selfing species

There’s a couple of new Coop lab papers up on the ArXiv.

One is from Yaniv’s work (Brandvain et al.) on a haplotype-based approach to examining the history of a recently derived selfing species (Capsella rubella). This grew out of a collaboration that Yaniv initiated with Stephen Wright and Tanja Slotte. Tanja and Stephen was heavily involved in sequencing the C. rubella genome (along with folks from Detlef Weigel’s lab). As part of this work they also sequenced a set of transcriptomes for that species and its closely related outcrossing progenitor (C. grandiflora). The genome paper has just come out, on which Yaniv and I are minor authors, so congratulations to all on that.


In Yaniv’s paper we analyze the two populations’ transcriptome data to examine the founding and subsequent evolution of the selfing species. To do this he uses the high rate of selfing in C. rubella to infer the haplotypes that founded the species (i.e. the chromosomes that were presenting in the founders), and uses these to partition variation into alleles that arose before and after the founding of the species. Doing this, we were able to see the dramatic reduction in the population size of C. rubella, and its impact on variation, over the past 100k years of evolution. This paper will appear in press shortly, and congratulations to Yaniv on a really nice paper (in my admittedly biased view).

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