Evolutionary Classics Reading Group 2014

For our Monday reading group we chose to read a series of classic papers in Evolutionary Biology. Each week the discussion leaders chose their paper/book excerpt and often chose to add a companion paper. Below is a complete list of the papers read. Thanks to all of the discussion leaders and everyone who attended. Thanks also to Leslie Turner and others for the conversation that sparked the idea for revisiting the classics (see here for more of the twitter discussion, and this Mendeley group by Leslie).

1. Kreitman’83 Nucleotide polymorphism at the alcohol dehydrogenase locus of Drosophila melanogaster. see also this post by Casey Bergman on 30th anniversary of paper. Alisa Sedghifar.
2. Price 1970 Selection and Covariance & Queller 1992 Quantitative Genetics, Inclusive Fitness, and Group Selection. Jeremy Berg.
3. Mayr ’47 Ecological factors in speciation . Moria Robinson & Meredith Cenzer
accompanied by Majerus 2009 Industrial Melanism in the Peppered Moth, Biston betularia: An Excellent Teaching Example of Darwinian Evolution in Action . Reid Brennan & Ryan Baldini
5. excerpts from Waddington’s “The strategy of the genes” 1957 on the epigenetic landscape & genetic assimilation Judy Wexler & David Luecke
6. Excerpt of Clausen, Keck, & Hiesey 1940 Experimental studies on the nature of species. I. Effects of varied environments on western North American plants. & their “Concept of Species Based on Experiment” 1939. Michelle Stitzer & Mark Taylor.
7. On the origins of reinforcement,Dobzhansky 1940 Speciation as a Stage in Evolutionary Divergence paired with Noor’s Reinforcement and other consequences of sympatry. 1999 Kristin Lee, Micah Freedman, & Philipp Brand.
8. Felsenstein 1985 Phylogenies and the Comparative Method paired with Pennell’s Models and meanings in comparative biology book review. Jiansi Gao & Chenling Antelope
9. Charlesworth, Lande, & Slatkin 1982 A Neo-Darwinian Commentary on Macroevolution. Vince buffalo & Serena Caplins.
10. Dobzhansky ’47 Adaptive Changes Induced by Natural Selection in Wild Populations of Drosophila paired with Grant & Grant 2002 Unpredictable Evolution in a 30-Year Study of Darwin’s Finches. Chris Griesemer,Gideon Bradburd and Jaime Ashander.

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  1. Ben Auxier says:

    Link for #5 – genetic assimilation is broken

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