Coopons at SMBE

The Coop lab are looking forward to SMBE in Vienna next week. We’ve listed our talks below.

Jeremy Berg. Patterns of Genetic and Haplotypic Variation surrounding a Sweep from Standing Variation
130B Poster session A Mon 13-Thurs16

Alisa Sedghifar. The Spatial Mixing of Genomes in Secondary Contact Zones
34B Poster session B Mon 13-Thurs16

Kristin Lee. Distinguishing modes of convergent adaptation in genomic data
10AM Population Genomics of Rapid Adaptation. Tues July 14 Festsaal

Chenling Xu. A novel fine-scale human recombination map reveals sex differences
12:15 PM Genomics of sex bias. Wed, July 15 Forum

Gideon Bradburd. Inferring population structure across space and time
10 AM Fitch Symposium Wed, July 15 Festsaal

Simon Aeschbacher. Robust inference of selection against maladaptive gene flow
16:45 PM demography vs. selection debate Wed July 15 Forum

Ivan Juric Quantifying selection against Neanderthal introgression
9:30 AM Ancient Genomes Thr July 16 Prinz Eugen

Keep an eye out for our new Coop lab t-shirts


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